Bus Accidents


Metro transit and other city buses are a great way to get around. Unfortunately accidents do happen that involve city and school buses and carsbikes or pedestrians. The stress from the injury and medical care from a bus accident may be the same as that of any other kind of accident. The added component of dealing with the municipality or school system, however, can make the situation even more confusing.

Knowing what your rights are in a bus accident situation is important. Don't go at it alone; get an experienced bus accident lawyer who can navigate the details of your accident and injury case and knows the correct procedure to work with the city or school bus owner.


  • Bad weather and poor road conditions
  • Bus driver negligence
  • Insufficient security on the bus
  • Poor bus maintenance

Both federal and state statistics indicate that school buses are a very safe way to get children to school. In spite of this fact, thousands of children are injured on school buses in Minnesota every year — either while on the school bus or, more often, when a child is hit by a bus. School bus accidents involving other vehicles can many times result in serious injury and even death to the occupants of the other vehicle. Occupants in the bus often get injured in accidents as well.


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