DWI Accidents


When drunk drivers cause accidents, other motorists and innocent bystanders often suffer more harm than the intoxicated person. Victims hurt by these irresponsible drivers are not only injured, but also left with many questions:

  • How will I pay for my medical bills?
  • Can I recover wages that I lost because I had to miss work?
  • How will I pay for my ongoing care needs?

At Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., we answer these questions for you and use our aggressive trial strategies to maximize the compensation you receive when injured in a drunk driving accident. Our dedicated team of local attorneys will work tirelessly to protect your interests, and they will help you obtain the resources you need to get your life back on track.

Our results-oriented approach to drunk driving cases and other personal injury matters has allowed us to obtain multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts for clients in Eagan, MN, and throughout the state.

The earlier you contact us, the better. This gives us time to collect evidence and build as strong a case as possible for you. Arrange a no-obligation, free initial consultation with one of our lawyers by calling us at 651-JUSTICE (651-587-8423).


Some of the topics that we routinely discuss with our clients during the course of their DUI accident cases include:

  • Evidentiary issues: We utilize state of the art investigation strategies to gather as much evidence as possible to support your case. This includes not only physical evidence, but also witness testimony, photographs, video footage and impact statements.
  • Punitive damages: We seek to maximize the compensation you receive. Often, this is accomplished by obtaining punitive damages. Proving these damages requires extensive preparation, and can often be difficult. Despite this, we routinely pursue these special damages for our clients, especially in cases involving multiple offenders.
  • Dram shop liability: If the intoxicated driver was served alcohol at a bar, restaurant or other establishment, you may also have a claim against the establishment under Minnesota's Dram Shop laws.
  • Communication: We communicate with prosecutors and insurance companies on your behalf so you can focus on what matters most — making as full a recovery as possible.

When discussing these or any other topic associated with your DUI accident case, you will have direct access to the attorney in charge of your case. At all stages of your case, we will provide the personal attention and high-quality representation you deserve.


For a free consultation with a Minneapolis drunk driving accident attorney, call 651-JUSTICE (651-587-8423), or fill out our online form.

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