Drug Side Effects


Prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs alike can inflict dangerous side effects on some people who take them. Normally, doctors, pharmacists and medication packaging labels should warn consumers of risks. Doctors should evaluate patient's known medical histories before prescribing drugs. Manufacturers of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products should give clear notice of known harmful effects.

When reasonable safeguards such as doctors' warnings and packaging warnings are inadequate, patients are often at risk of negative effects. Examples of dangerous drug side effects include:

  • A patient with a heart problem receives a prescribed albuterol inhaler, which has the potential to increase a person's heart rate by approximately 20 percent, has a heart attack and dies.
  • A patient with allergies to a given drug is given doses of that drug in a hospital setting, with disastrous consequences.
  • A patient who has reported to doctors his or her allergies to codeine is nonetheless given a medication containing codeine and has difficulty swallowing after taking the drugs.
  • A patient develops a bad case of hives after taking a medication that he or she has had allergic reactions to in the past.
  • A resident in a nursing home or assisted living facility is given an anxiety-reducing tranquilizer containing a relaxant — and then falls and breaks a hip, triggering a downward spiral leading to death soon thereafter.

As medical malpractice attorneys with extensive experience and manysuccessful case outcomes to our name, we have encountered many similar stories. Such stories are often told to us by grieving family members or patients who have barely recovered from frightening episodes triggered by dangerous drug side effects. Based in Eagan, MN, we represent clients in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Twin Cities metro area, Rochester and throughout the state. We bring medical malpractice and wrongful death claims on their behalf, working hard to help them obtain compensation for injuries due to negligence.


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