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St. Paul Cerebral Palsy Attorney

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a complicated condition. The signs of CP are usually noticeable, but symptoms may take time to develop. Over the course of your child’s life, the symptoms and several possible secondary conditions can be very costly, requiring treatment, sensitive procedures, surgeries, medication and therapy.

Once CP has been diagnosed, identifying the cause is not always simple. Consultation with an informed and experienced personal injury lawyer should be sought to understand your options, how the law views CP and the resulting prognosis.

At Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., we know how CP can develop over time. Our attorneys are familiar with how to investigate causes and dig up evidence that may have been forgotten. If your child has experienced a prenatal injury, birth injury or perinatal injury, it is crucial that you get in touch with our law firm as soon as possible. Factual accuracy and statutes of limitations are very strict in these cases.

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St. Paul Birth Injury Claim

Giving birth is a delicate process between mother and infant. It really is a miracle. Modern medicine has taken great strides to reduce risks and deliver healthy babies without significant complications, but mistakes still do happen. In this delicate process, any mistake can be catastrophic.

CP symptoms may be mild or very severe. Your child may not exhibit symptoms for up to two years following birth. Developmental stages may be delayed. Some symptoms include:

  • Abnormal walking
  • Tight joints or muscles
  • Muscle weakness or paralysis in a group of muscles
  • Tremors
  • Loss of coordination
  • Floppy muscles or joints
  • Speech problems
  • Learning disabilities
  • Hearing problems
  • Vision problems
  • Seizures
  • Eating or digestive problems
  • Slow growth

There are many types of CP, and you should seek an objective professional medical opinion to properly diagnose the issue. We can help you find objective resources and discuss how findings will affect your future.

Causes Of Cerebral Palsy

The numerous causes of CP include: lapses in prenatal care, undiagnosed asphyxia to the infant in the womb, premature birth, and labor and delivery trauma. Complications during the perinatal period and childhood also can cause cerebral palsy.

Obstetricians, nurses, anesthetists, pharmacists, surgeons, medical techs and other medical professionals can fail to recognize warning signs. They can fail to recognize fetal distress, prevent umbilical cord issues and anticipate delivery complications.

Short staffing, poorly trained nurses and lack of oxygen to the baby during delivery are not excuses. We can help you find answers and accurately determine whether a medical malpractice claim will aid your situation.

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