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Helping Those Injured By Delayed Treatment

A fundamental role of health care providers is to treat illnesses and injuries appropriately and in a timely manner. Did you or your family member suffer harm when a doctor failed to respond to your complaints? Did a diagnostic lab return the wrong patient’s test results to your doctor? Or did the lab report the correct test results, but the doctor failed to notify you promptly? Whatever the circumstances that led to a delay in treatment – leading to a worsening of your condition – you are doing the right thing by looking for a medical malpractice lawyer to evaluate your case.

Medical crises often strike without warning. Cancer, heart attacks, strokes and illnesses such as meningitis are notorious killers. However, great strides have been made in medical sciences in recent decades. There are effective treatments for these and other ailments that have saved many lives. Timeliness in treatment is critical. For example:

  • Researchers say that stroke patients who begin appropriate treatment within two hours of onset often have much better recoveries than those whose treatments are delayed.
  • Timely administration of radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy has restored many cancer patients to good health.
  • Patients arriving in emergency rooms with heart attacks in progress can often be saved with proper treatment.
  • Prompt diagnosis of meningitis can prevent permanent disabilities or premature death, in many cases.

Based in Eagan, Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., represents clients in medical malpractice cases in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, in Rochester and throughout Minnesota. We can evaluate your case and offer recommendations if you have experienced injury or a family member has died because treatment was delayed. See some of our client testimonials to get an idea of how we can help you through a claim related to injuries caused by delayed treatment of a medical condition.

Contact us if you have had an experience similar to the following:

  • After a finger was amputated and you reported to the emergency room with your finger, did doctors fail to operate on you soon enough to reattach and save the finger?
  • When you suffered from appendicitis and went in for surgery, did doctors fail to take the necessary steps to prevent infection and protect you from allowing your condition to progress and your appendix to rupture?
  • Did doctors fail to transfer you to another, more appropriate medical facility when you had a specific medical problem that was outside the realm of expertise in the hospital where you were treated?
  • Did doctors fail to identify and transfer your loved one to a surgical center within the proper time so that your loved one’s life could be saved? This type of delay often happens in rural settings where radiology staff are not readily available to see patients. Delay in treatment of cardiac, neurological and other emergency situations (aneurysms) can be fatal. Early intervention — often through transfer to a more capable medical facility — is the key to whether you survive either altogether and/or without negative consequences.

Delayed Treatment For Cancer? Our Attorneys Can Evaluate Your Case.

Delayed treatment of a serious illness or injury can result in complex medical complications. Consult with one of our St. Paul and Minneapolis medical malpractice attorneys for delayed treatment case evaluations. Contact us at 651-364-6807 to request a no-charge, no-obligation consultation with a lawyer.

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