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When we as health care consumers entrust our well-being to the care of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals or long-term care facilities, we rightfully expect diligence in our treatments. When something goes wrong and health care causes more harm than good, it is important to dig in and find out why. All too often, drug interactions and complications resulting from administration of conflicting drugs are the root cause of a patient’s worsening condition and in some cases, death.

As medical malpractice attorneys, we at Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., hear far too many stories of drug interactions and devastating consequences. Who is responsible – and liable for damages – when drug interactions cause significant injury or a fatality? A detailed investigation may uncover any of the following reasons for a medication-related health crisis:

  • Wrong medications or wrong doses prescribed by a physician
  • Pharmacy or hospital misreading doctor’s orders and giving wrong medication or wrong dose
  • Complications due to different effects of brand name versus generic drugs (and failure of doctors and pharmacists to watch out for these differences)
  • Ignoring (or failing to check for or warn patients or nurses about) potential drug allergies or drug interactions
  • Failing to warn patients of alcohol-drug interactions
  • Failing to prevent prescription drug and over-the-counter drug interactions (by failing to check, monitor or warn)

Some of our clients have had ongoing medical problems after erroneous prescriptions were filled multiple times by pharmacists. Lack of checks and balances in the medication delivery system is often to blame for drug interactions and complications. Gone are the days (for most people) when a neighborhood pharmacist knew a patient’s medical history over many years. More and more, our clientele receive their medications through a vast impersonal chain of venders and health care providers who refer to computer records and operate in fast-paced environments. Whether at a chain store pharmacy or in a large hospital, the potential for medical problems due to drug interactions and complications is greater than ever.

Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., has obtained substantial verdicts and settlements on behalf of numerous clients who suffered because of medical malpractice. We hold responsible parties such as health care providers accountable for negligence such as failing to monitor for drug interactions and complications. See some of our client testimonials to get an idea of how we can help you through a medication error injury claim.

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