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Emergency Room Errors In Minnesota

Emergency room error stories are often tragic and leave people shaking their heads. Someone may go to an emergency room complaining of chest pains, only to be told to take Tylenol and go home to rest – and later die of a heart attack. Parents may take a child with acute symptoms of illness to be checked out, only to be told that the child probably has the flu. Later it turns out that it was actually meningitis, and the time for successful treatment has passed.

Variations on these themes include cases of psychiatric patients being turned away, only to commit violent crimes shortly afterward. Cauda equina syndrome, strokes and heart attacks are all medical emergencies that can have good prognoses if treated promptly – and devastating consequences if left untreated.

Emergency room errors include:

  • Triage errors – failure to correctly prioritize the most serious cases and treat them first
  • Diagnosis errors
  • Treatment errors
  • Medication errors
  • Release errors (releasing someone who should be hospitalized)

Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., is available to evaluate your potential medical malpractice claim after negligence in an emergency room has had devastating consequences.

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