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If your doctor misdiagnosed your illness or medical condition, he or she may try to avert responsibility for the mistake. A doctor may claim that your illness or condition has developed into a different ailment or that cancer has spread. You may not even get very clear answers.

Such a situation should make you skeptical. You can speak with our attorneys at any time. We keep consultations absolutely confidential, and we can help you determine whether a medical professional’s mistake was indeed medical malpractice.

Not all misdiagnoses are medical malpractice. It is important to speak with our attorneys and to seek an objective second opinion from a medical specialist. At Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., we can help you find a highly credible specialist who will provide you with a reliable, accurate and candid diagnosis.

We will help you determine your next steps. Our law firm is focused on protecting your rights, demonstrating how medical negligence has impacted you and your family, and aggressively pursuing the full and fair compensation you are entitled to receive.

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Misdiagnosis Is Life-Threatening And Life-Altering

A misdiagnosis and even a delay to diagnose can cause catastrophic injury or prove fatal. Doctors, nurses, clinicians, medical techs, specialists and psychiatrists can miss crucial steps or signs during lab tests. They can overlook critical warning signs in the emergency room or in surgery. A routine physical could reveal an underlying heart condition or show signs of cancer.

A misdiagnosis could result in prescribing the wrong medication, surgery on the wrong part of the body, amputation of the wrong limb or failure to remove a malignant tumor. Your illness or injury could take a serious turn for the worse, and you may suffer unnecessarily.

Some common misdiagnoses include:

  • Stroke misdiagnosis
  • Heart attack misdiagnosis
  • Breast cancer misdiagnosis
  • Lung cancer misdiagnosis
  • Colon cancer misdiagnosis
  • Melanoma misdiagnosis
  • Medication misdiagnosis
  • Brain injury misdiagnosis
  • Spinal cord injury misdiagnosis
  • Infection misdiagnosis
  • And more

A delay in proper treatment for any of these illnesses or injuries may affect your quality of life and chance of survival. You need the assistance of dedicated Minneapolis misdiagnosis lawyers to investigate medical records and procedures, prepare a solid case on your behalf, handle all aspects of your medical malpractice claim and fight for the maximum compensation you justly deserve.

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