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Medication Errors In Minneapolis Nursing Homes

Residents of nursing homes generally tend to be vulnerable. Some are sharp-witted, but have multiple physical ailments. Others may have strong hearts, lungs and overall physical health, but suffer from dementia.

Regardless of the challenges that brought residents into a long-term care environment, they often struggle to have their voices heard. Caregivers may dismiss complaints as maladjustment or mood disruption. If a nursing home resident says she is feeling dizzy, fatigued or anxious, the institution’s response may be to restrict her, give her another pill or ignore the complaint. In such a setting, medication errors can go unnoticed.

Medication errors can mean delivery of wrong medications, delivery of wrong doses or delivery of two or more drugs that interact with negative consequences (negative synergism). Medication mistakes can cause serious harm in a variety of ways:

  • Drug interactions, when two or more drugs create harmful effects when administered together or one soon after another
  • Drug overdoses, sometimes with devastating consequences including possible fatalities
  • Secondary problems – such as falls – triggered by exacerbated side effects of prescription drugs

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