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The Link Between The Mirena IUD And PTC

The lawyers at Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., are investigating cases of pseudotumor cerebri caused by use of the Mirena IUD.

The Mirena IUD has been linked to the debilitating pseudotumor cerebri (PTC) condition. The PTC condition arises when cerebrospinal fluid in the brain accumulates and creates pressure in the skull, leading to swollen optic nerves. If not diagnosed and treated properly, permanent damage, including blindness, can result.

The Mirena IUD releases 20 micrograms of the synthetic hormone levonorgestrel per day. Long-term exposure to levonorgestrel has been linked to the development of PTC. Levonorgestrel is a second-generation synthetic hormone. Its natural counterpart, progesterone, has not been linked to PTC, and has actually been shown to help the brain heal after traumatic brain injuries. Levonorgestrel, on the other hand, has been shown to do the opposite.

The victims of Mirena who develop PTC typically report the following symptoms:

  • Severe, migraine-like headaches
  • “Whooshing” sounds (clinically known as tinnitus)
  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision (diplopia)
  • Changes in migraine frequency, severity, or duration

The Mirena label has no information alerting physicians and patients that its product may lead to an increased risk of developing the condition. Thus, for many women, even if correctly diagnosed with PTC, which often takes months of testing, their doctors may not know that Mirena is related to the diagnosis and more importantly, that it should be removed immediately upon diagnosis.

PTC is reported to be relatively rare, although there is a higher risk of developing the condition among overweight women of child-bearing age. Yet the Mirena IUD has also been linked to sudden and increased weight gain, highlighting the importance of warning women who are already at a higher risk of developing the condition.

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