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What factors contribute to the most fatalities in Minnesota?

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Feb 3, 2023

Auto/Motor Vehicle Accidents

A motor vehicle crash is a sight difficult to forget. Crumpled cars, shattered glass, debris strewn along the road and emergency crew members carefully loading injured or dying people into ambulances.

Crashes have long been an occasional sight on Minnesota roads and highways. Thousands of them occur each year, leading to severe and life-changing injuries to drivers and passengers as well as tragic fatalities.

Fatalities dropped 9% in 2022

According to the website Minnesota Crash Statistics, the state recorded more than 70,200 motor vehicle crashes in 2022. Nearly 25% or 17,371 led to injuries and less than 1% or 410 of those crashes led to fatalities.

While the Minnesota Department of Transportation expects to file a complete traffic safety report this summer, the agency disclosed 442 people — a preliminary number – died on state roads in 2022. That number represents a 9% drop in traffic deaths compared with the 488 fatalities reported in 2021.

Four behaviors contributed to 80% of state’s traffic fatalities in 2021

Referring to 2021 statistics, the state noted that four leading factors contributed to nearly 80% of Minnesota’s 488 traffic fatalities. Those factors were:

  • Speeding (171 deaths)
  • Failure to wear seat belts (110 deaths)
  • Drunk driving (74 deaths)
  • Distracted driving (27 deaths)

Such statistics show that subscribing to any of these behaviors when behind the wheel can prove fatal. These scenarios and tragedies can be avoided as long as a driver follows the law, safety guidelines and common sense.

An injury caused by a negligent driver

It only takes one mistake from a negligent driver to cause a motor vehicle crash. And that mistake may lead to long-term complications to someone hurt in such a collision. If injured by a negligent driver, seek legal advice as you may qualify for compensation.