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Why the holidays are a tragic anniversary for many families

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Nov 9, 2023

Auto/Motor Vehicle Accidents

For the vast majority of families, the holidays are a time of celebration and community. Everyone gets together to enjoy big meals or a gift exchange. Unfortunately, for a small percentage of families in Minnesota, the holidays are an anniversary of something tragic. Driving to visit loved ones unfortunately means that people risk being injured in a crash. The possibility of a drunk driving crash, in particular, is higher around the holidays than it is during much of the rest of the year.

Those who drink too much before driving can turn what used to be a festive season into a painful reminder of a debilitating injury or the death of a family member.

The holidays see an increase in drunk driving fatalities

There are a variety of reasons that drunk driving tends to increase around the holidays. Many people have time off of work, and so they reach for their favorite beverage as they unwind and relax. Quite a few of the most popular holiday traditions include alcohol consumption, and there are also some people who self-medicate with alcohol to get through the holiday stress.

There is also the same-day commute to a family member’s house that puts pressure on people to drive even when they know they have had a few too many drinks. All of those factors combined to make drunk driving crashes a more serious concern on major holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day all see a predictable increase in drunk driving crashes and fatalities. Even those who are responsible about driving and alcohol consumption are at risk because they may encounter others who don’t make safety a priority.

What happens after a drunk driving crash?

Every driver in Minnesota is required to have liability insurance that can help compensate those hurt if they cause a crash. Of course, basic insurance coverage may not be sufficient when assessing the losses people experience in a drunk driving collision.

Particularly if someone sustains severe injuries or if a loved one dies, it may be necessary to seek additional compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Wrongful death lawsuits are also an option when drunk drivers cause fatal collisions in Minnesota during the holiday season and at any other time during the year.