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Giving back for the holidays with The Open Door food pantry

On Behalf of Bennerotte & Associates, P.A.

Dec 9, 2022

Serious Personal Injury

When the holidays roll around, it is common for people to reflect on all the positive occurrences of the last year and think about how they can give back. At Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., giving back to our community is more than just an abstract idea. It is a large part of how we operate our firm.

Given our specialization in injury-related legal matters, it is only natural that our firm and the people who work here would want to help those struggling during the holiday season. Many people who suffer an injury or unexpected death in their family have financial issues that may make it harder to buy groceries and cover other cost-of-living expenses.

While we help those who need support by assisting with insurance claims and civil lawsuits, we also strive to help those struggling during the holiday season for any reason. Community involvement and charitable giving help us support those unable to provide for themselves. Most recently, our firm made a sizable donation to the Open Door food pantry.

What does the Open Door do?

By providing resources directly to those who need food for themselves or other family members, the Open Door helps combat hunger here in Minnesota. There is a permanent food pantry location in Eagan where people can come seek nutritional food, most of which is fresh or perishable food often not available through similar programs. The Open Door estimates that it distributes more than two million pounds of food each year.

The Open Door also estimates that tens of thousands of households in Dakota County alone struggled to meet basic financial needs and may require increasing support in providing nutritious meals for their families. We were pleased to donate 177 pounds of food to the Open Door at the end of November, which will provide immediate relief for struggling households.

We will continue to make giving back to the community one of our top priorities both in the way that we operate our firm and what we do with our resources. For those in Dakota County, donating to the Open Door can be a great way to give back to the local community and provide crucial support for those who may not have enough for themselves and their children this holiday season.