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What are the most dangerous roads in the Eagan area?

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Jul 10, 2023

Auto/Motor Vehicle Accidents

Eagan, Minnesota is a beautiful area that is very close to the Minneapolis Zoo and is home to several popular parks. It is also where thousands of families live and work. Although people often view it as a safer and calmer alternative to the Twin Cities just a bit to the north, there are still risks in the Eagan area.

People often tend to assume that the busiest streets are always where the worst collisions occur, which would then logically imply that the heart of major metropolitan areas tend to see more deadly collisions. However, when looking at crash reports from the last 16 years, becomes very obvious that there are some dangerous roads in the Eagan area as well.

Where do the worst crashes occur near Eagan?

None of the most dangerous highways in the state pass directly through Eagan, but that doesn’t eliminate fatal crash risk in the area. A long-term review of deadly crashes in Minnesota found that the five deadliest roads were all interstates and all saw multiple deaths per year. While those highly deadly roads, like US-169, aren’t directly accessible in Eagan, there are still plenty of other roads that experience an above-average number of collisions.

The intersection of Lexington Ave S and Diffley Roads sees more than its fair share of crashes when looking at reported collisions between 2005 and 2021.  Johnny Cake Ridge Road, especially toward the south of the city limits, also has a reputation for many serious collisions. Finally, where Cliff Road intersects with Dodd Road, there may be an increased risk of a serious collision.

When motorists understand where more collisions tend to occur, they can plan their upcoming trip a little more carefully. They can also use a bit more caution when on those more dangerous roads or approaching those dangerous intersections. It is also smart to have a plan in place in case a crash occurs, as people who feel shaken up by a collision may end up confused and make mistakes that will affect their right to compensation.

Remaining informed about local traffic safety concerns, like the most dangerous streets and intersections in Eagan, may help people minimize their risk of causing or being involved in a severe crash.