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There is no safe way to text while driving

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Oct 27, 2023

Auto/Motor Vehicle Accidents

Nowadays, employers and even family members tend to expect that people will be available at all times of the day. The rise of digital communication has made it easier than ever before to remain in constant contact with others throughout the day. Bosses, clients and spouses are among those who may become frustrated or upset when someone delays a response to an email or text message. The false sense of urgency those expectations generate can lead to people making very unsafe decisions, especially while in traffic.

For example, many people have systems that they think make it safe for them to text while driving. Unfortunately, the most common ways that people try to work around the known risk of distracted driving are less safe than they may think.

Texting at stoplights simply isn’t safe

Many people will avoid the impulse to text well actively driving but will then pick up their phones when stop at a red light. They tell themselves that they have plenty of time to read and respond to a text message. What they fail to consider is how their brain will require time to readjust. Many people take as long as 27 seconds after handling a digital device to become fully focused on their surroundings again afterward.

Hands-free texting is actually more distracting

Some people use talk-to-text software to remain in communication even while actively driving at high speeds on the interstate. They believe that not picking up their phone will improve their safety. However, research into the use of talk-to-text software shows that it is actually more distracting, as people feel compelled to repeatedly glance at their devices to edit their responses for accuracy.

Texting in parking lots is also unsafe

Some people pull into parking lots and will handle their phones then even though they would never do so when traveling at higher speeds. Such behavior is undoubtedly why parking lot collisions are a serious safety concern, especially for pedestrians.

Those who text while driving, even if they utilize special tricks, endanger others for their own convenience. Filing an insurance claim or civil lawsuit against a digitally distracted driver is an appropriate response to a collision caused by someone who harmed you while cradling a phone in their hands.