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3 reasons businesses could be liable for semi-truck collisions

On Behalf of Bennerotte & Associates, P.A.

Nov 30, 2023

Truck/Semi Accidents

Discussions about motor vehicle collisions often focus on what a driver may have done wrong. It only takes a moment of inattention or a bad decision after an evening out with friends for someone to cause a crash with life-altering consequences for themselves or someone else.

In some cases, major collisions lead to very basic compensation claims. It is clear who is to blame for the crash, so the other parties involved can take legal action against the individual who did something dangerous at the wheel. Other times, the fault may not technically lie with one of the drivers but with an outside party.

Collisions involving semi-trucks can often be the fault of a business rather than the drivers involved in the crash. When might a company be to blame for a semi-truck collision?

Maintenance issues

Many trucking companies handle the maintenance of fleet vehicles in-house. They have mechanics that routinely inspect and repair fleet vehicles. When these businesses have failed to complete necessary repairs or maintenance, crucial vehicle systems can fail with little warning. The transportation company might be at fault for a crash caused by poor vehicle maintenance. An outside company that provides mechanical support services to a transportation company could also be liable after a wreck. Vehicle issues cause approximately 10% of semi-truck wrecks.

Poor employment practices

Some transportation companies hire drivers with almost no experience. Others require that workers handle dispatch devices and mobile phones at the wheel. Poor training practices and high-pressure employment policies can directly contribute to the mistakes made by commercial drivers and might therefore be the underlying cause of a semi-truck collision.

Loading issues with a trailer

Proper vehicle loading is crucial to vehicle performance in traffic. Uneven weight distribution can cause a truck driver to lose control while on the road. Being unaware of movable items or liquids in the trailer could also set a driver up for a preventable collision. Transportation companies in the clients that hire them could be to blame for a crash caused by improper trailer loading.

Generally speaking, employers are often liable when negligence or mistakes by their employees cause harm to members of the general public. Understanding who to hold accountable can help those recently impacted by a semi-truck collision to secure fair compensation with the assistance of a skilled attorney.