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3 serious injuries an aggressive dog could cause when it bites

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Dec 5, 2023

Premises Liability/Dog Bites

Dogs are friendly and entertaining, but they are also potentially dangerous. Any animal can be an unpredictable source of risk, including someone’s household pet. Frequently, people are dismissive about the risks posed by companion canines. Many people wrongfully assume that dog bites only cause minor injuries. In some cases, a dog bite incident can cause such severe medical issues that an individual requires tens of thousands of dollars in medical treatment. Their injuries could make them miss work while recovering and could even affect their long-term earning potential.

What severe injuries do dogs sometimes cause when they bite humans?

Disfiguring scars

When a dog becomes aggressive, they may bite someone repeatedly or tear at someone after biting them. Both forms of attack could cause massive tissue damage and scarring. Even those who receive emergency trauma care could have permanent scars that alter their appearance. Injuries to the face and neck could very well produce lasting cosmetic damage. Disfiguring injuries tend to have a negative impact on people’s mental health. They can also reduce someone’s earning potential.

Broken bones

Some dogs are strong enough to break human bones with the force of their bite. Larger dogs may have powerful jaws that can successfully break bones in the human body. Older adults and children are more susceptible to fractures caused by a dog bite incident. People may also try to catch themselves if they fall during a dog bite attack, which could lead to broken bones in their arms or shoulders.

Brain injuries

When a dog lunges at a person and knocks them down, a broken bone is not the worst possible outcome. An individual may suffer life-altering injuries if they are unable to slow their descent as they fall. People attacked by dogs could strike their heads on the ground or on other items nearby, including vehicles or walls. That blunt force trauma can cause a host of different symptoms. Brain injuries can affect someone’s cognition and personality, as well as their motor function.

If a dog severely injures someone, the consequences could include not just major medical expenses but also lost income. The bite victim could experience tens of thousands of dollars in financial losses. Holding an owner accountable after a dog bite attack can diminish the financial losses triggered by an aggressive canine.