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Minnesota boy injured in a car accident in critical condition

Some of the most treasured childhood memories spring from the most seemingly insignificant activities. Many of the moments that are recalled so fondly involve time shared with a parent. Recently, one Minnesota father was enjoying a stroll with his son which tragically ended with the boy in critical condition after being injured in a car accident.

The father and son started the evening with a leisurely walk in their quiet neighborhood. As they were walking near the driveway to their home, a vehicle approached. The car, which was operated by a 46-year-old woman, inexplicably left its lane of travel and came across the roadway, hitting the 11-year-old child.

Paralyzed woman files defective product claim after burn injury

A woman who is confined to a wheelchair has recently filed a lawsuit against General Motors in response to a burn injury she suffered. The woman claims that the rear heated seats were a defective product and she suffered a serious injury. The woman does not reside in Minnesota, but the case could possibly interest other owners of the model in question.

The woman who has filed this claim stated that she was a passenger in a friend's 2008 General Motors Suburban. She was purportedly riding in the rear passenger compartment. Because she is a paralytic, she has no sensation or feeling below her waist. As a result of her medical condition, she was unaware of how hot the built-in seat-warming feature had become.

Minnesota man allegedly makes light of fatal car accident

In mid-July, a Minnesota man allegedly was involved in two accidents, one after the other. His vehicle apparently collided with one vehicle along its side. It then rear-ended a car driven by a 16-year-old boy. The victim in the second car accident was on life-support when the accused driver reportedly posted light-hearted comments on his social media page.

A Minnesota officer who responded to the accident claimed that the 24-year-old driver smelled of alcohol and was said to have acknowledged that he was intoxicated. Allegedly, a few days after the second accident (which ultimately cost the teenager his life), the man posted photographs of his damaged vehicle along with a light-hearted comment and a smiley face icon. A second comment alludes to the fact that he was physically fine and able to accomplish yard chores.

Woman files medical malpractice suit for alleged brain injury

Patients who receive a diagnosis from their doctor usually have faith and trust that the remedy applied will help to ease their discomfort and speed their recovery. One woman, however, has claimed that the prescribed remedy caused her to suffer brain injury and damage. The woman was not treated in Minnesota; however, patients everywhere may be interested in learning more.

According to the suit that the woman filed, she says that she went to the hospital where a physician diagnosed her as having a blood clot deep within the vein, commonly called deep vein thrombosis. The doctor ordered her to be treated with a medication that is used to help break down the clot. However, this medication can carry risks of serious side effects. This woman has alleged that none of the medical staff recognized that she was suffering from the increasing severity of these side effects.

Fatal Minnesota car accident also injures 2 other occupants

While every mode of transportation has its inherent dangers, motor vehicle wrecks may lead to their fair share of deaths and serious injures. Another recent car accident has claimed the life of a 21-year-old man and injured two other people who were in the vehicle. The Minnesota fatal accident also involved a commercial truck.

The wreck occurred on a recent Saturday afternoon. The driver and two passengers were traveling west on a local road that displays only signs at crossroads instead of traffic signals. A heavier commercial vehicle was traveling south along another roadway. The two vehicles were caught up in a serious wreck when they collided in the intersection of the two roads.

Can injured Minnesota employees be treated by their own doctors?

Generally speaking, Minnesota laws provide protection to workers who are injured at work. Workers' compensation, as outline by state statute, can provide partial wage reimbursement and medical coverage for those who suffer a workplace injury or illness.

When dealing with something as sensitive as an injury that is preventing someone from working regularly, it's understandable why workers would want to receive care from a trusted provider. Unfortunately, physician choice after a workplace injury isn't necessarily a straightforward issue. So, can injured workers see their own doctors? In a single word: maybe.

Who has the right to safety on Minnesota private property?

When we have discussed premises liability issues on this blog, the duty of the property owner to maintain a safe environment is an idea that’s consistently discussed. This, of course, is because this is the central idea behind establishing liability in the wake of accidents on private property.

At the same time, the law doesn't necessarily provide legal protection to everyone who is injured on another party’s property. Establishing liability is largely based on the injured person's relationship to the property owner.

(Nearly) No Model Left Behind: GM recalls reach staggering levels

Every day, thousands of people in the Twin Cities metro area rely on their vehicles to get to work or school. With this in mind, not to mention the variability of Minnesota's climate, consumers look for reliability and safety in their vehicles.

Unfortunately, the news following the nation's top auto manufacturer, General Motors, suggests that many of the company's car models fail to meet either of those marks. According to an NBC News report, a total of 54 recalls have affected nearly every model that GM makes.

The numbers are shocking: Over a six month period, almost 26 million General Motors vehicles have been recalled in the U.S. alone.

Brain injuries: Soccer may not be as safe as some think

Soccer is one of the world's most popular sports. With the ongoing World Cup and the U.S. team's progress in the tournament, the beloved sport seems to be gaining attention and popularity.

Many Minnesota parents might sign their children up for youth soccer leagues to get some physical activity and learn the value of teamwork. At the same time, many might assume that it's a relatively safe sport, especially when compared to contact-heavy games like football or hockey. That estimation may not be entirely correct, according to a recent report.

There is a growing concern about the safety of heading the ball.

Driverless cars: how would they affect car insurance policies?

This is a follow-up to a piece we did last month about driverless cars.

More specifically, we wrote about issues of responsibility for car accidents caused by driverless cars. In our May 2 post, we discussed how products liability law is expected to become increasingly important in pressing injury claims after such an accident.

In this post, we will explore that theme further.


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