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Man survives terrifying on-the-job accident; suffers broken bones

Construction work is the preferred employment of thousands of men and women in Minnesota, as it provides the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and play a part in a project coming to fruition. However, it is also fraught with hazards that can result in a serious or even fatal on-the-job accident. There are likely many residents here who have suffered such an injury while working.

Recently, one man was filled with gratitude that his accident did not kill him. While the details were not provided, the man was somehow trapped between the trench wall he was in and the bucket of the excavator that was being used in the trench. He was laying down piping in the trench floor at the time. He was extracted from the accident site by a co-worker.

Traumatic brain injury can cause visual difficulties in Minnesota

The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. It is also one of the most sensitive and fragile. This is why one should be careful to reduce chances of suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Minnesota or in any other state. A TBI can result in many different types of negative effects, including significant harm to a person's visual abilities.

Studies reveal that over half of the human brain is utilized in visual processing, which makes it likely that a person's visual system will be affected by a TBI. Many times, binocular vision -- the ability to utilize both eyes simultaneously and equally -- will be negatively affected. TBI may cause a patient to experience difficulty when making accurate and quick eye movements. A patient may also have difficulty following a moving object with their eyes.

Woman, 72, victim of fatal car accident in Minnesota

Life is full of unexpected events. While many of these events are pleasant surprises, too often they may usher in tragedy and heartbreak. One routine outing in Minnesota recently ended in a terrible car accident.

The police report indicated that a full-size pickup truck was headed south on a local road and was approaching an intersection. The vehicle was being driven by a 72-year-old man, and he was accompanied by a 72-year-old woman with the same last name. As they entered the crossroads, their truck was hit by another vehicle.

Potential product liability in questionable security of devices

Most people are aware of the danger posed by cyber-criminals to the nation's power grid and other computer-based systems. However, many may not be aware of the danger posed by these criminals to personal devices, especially medical devices. Patients in Minnesota -- and elsewhere -- could potentially have a case for a product liability claim if they suffer harm through a cyber attack.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration sponsored a two-day seminar to address the need for improved safeguards for medical equipment that is vulnerable to cyber attack. There have been several attempts made by cyber criminals to crash the computer systems and other devices of hospitals in different areas of the country. The agency has made recommendations for upgrades both to the existing devices that are at risk for serious compromises and for those that are in development in order to provide the appropriate protections.

If you suffer harm from an unsafe product, you have options

Every day, new products are introduced that are touted as a means to improve our life in one way or another. This may be true for the majority of new products. However, you are probably aware of the news accounts -- even here in Minnesota -- of an unsafe product causing harm or even death. While the physical harm may not be reversible, you do have remedies for some relief.

The fact is, there are many products that are marketed to the public that may not be what they appear. Everything from medical devices, medicines, toys and automobiles can cause harm if they were not manufactured with care or were not designed or tested appropriately. The problem is that there is not always a sure-fired method of predicting which product could end up causing you pain or suffering. 

OSHA investigating fatal on-the-job accident that killed worker

Federal officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are conducting an ongoing investigation into the death of a construction worker. The fatal on-the-job accident occurred doing a project to repair flood damage. The accident did not happen in Minnesota, but serious accidents can occur at any work site.

This accident took place as the 46-year-old worker was apparently assisting the driver of a tractor-trailer to back up along a curve on a canyon road. The man was an employee of an excavating company that was contracted to perform flood repair to the canyon roadway. The worker was purportedly walking behind the truck and providing guidance to the driver.

Minnesota motorcyclist critically injured in car accident

A 54-year-old man is being hospitalized for serious injuries following an accident while he was on his motorcycle. The car accident happened in Pierce County when the man was struck by another vehicle. At last report, the man was listed in critical condition at a Minnesota medical facility.

According to reports, the car accident happened on a recent Sunday afternoon. Upon a preliminary investigation, authorities determined that the crash happened when the driver of a Jeep crossed over into the opposite lane of traffic while driving around a curve. The Jeep crashed into a motorcycle, and the impact caused the rider to be thrown from the vehicle. Medical crews transported the motorcyclist to the hospital with critical injuries.

Minnesota car accident claims a life, 1 other seriously injured

Minnesota police responded to the scene of a serious collision along Highway 15 recently. The fatal car accident left one dead and seriously injured another. The investigation is still underway.

According to the report, an older model minivan was traveling north along the highway, just north of the town of Kimball. It is believed that the driver moved into the southbound lane in order to pass a vehicle. Unfortunately, there was another car approaching on the southbound side. Those two vehicles collided head-on.  

Minnesota car accident kills 2 passengers, sends 4 to hospital

Tragedy can strike suddenly and leave one's life in tatters. One of these life-altering events is a car accident. A recent wreck in Minnesota has forever changed the lives of those involved.

According to police, one vehicle was traveling west on a local road while approaching a crossroad. Another vehicle was traveling south on Highway 59. For reasons yet unknown, both vehicles entered the intersection simultaneously, resulting in a T-bone accident that propelled both vehicles into a roadside trench.

Doctors debate the connection between brain injury and aggression

The media has been full of stories in recent weeks about incidents of domestic violence involving professional athletes in the National Football League, especially concerning some high-profile players. One doctor suggested that a traumatic brain injury may have contributed to some of the purported aggression problems. Fans in Minnesota and elsewhere may be curious as to whether there is a connection between repeated concussions and violent behavior.

According to some studies, there may be a correlation between multiple head injuries and a propensity to violent or aggressive actions. The area of the brain that is damaged during concussions is believed to be responsible for regulating behavior, including the ability to discern appropriate actions. Repeated injury has already been linked to depression and anger.


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