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Inadequate Security Causing Injury In Minnesota

An injury that occurs because of the malice of another human being brings with it emotional pain along with physical harm. When an assault takes place in a parking garage, parking lot, shopping mall or school, the immediate focus is often on the perpetrator of the crime. Who was the gunman or the attacker? Why did he or she hurt someone? What kind of justice or redress can the injured person hope for?

The criminal justice system will bring some answers if the assailant is caught. This is not enough, however, to make the injured person financially whole. A premises liability claim or lawsuit may allow the injured person to collect compensation from other liable parties, including building owners or managers. Building keepers owe a duty of care to people who frequent the premises they are responsible for. They should take precautions to ensure the safety of customers, clients, patients, students or whoever uses the property.

Inadequate Security At Minneapolis, St. Paul Or University Events

Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., can help in cases of inadequate security causing injury – including for incidents occurring at public events. Our premises liability attorneys can initiate investigations, review injuries and prepare compelling arguments on behalf of the injured. We are well-qualified to discover who is responsible for security at a given event, and use that knowledge to benefit the injured.

Call Our Local Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Accidents Attorneys

We pledge to keep you well-informed throughout the duration of your case if we represent you after an injury resulting from inadequate security. Contact us for responsive and on-the-spot legal counsel. Call our MN premises liability lawyers as soon as possible at 651-364-6807.

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