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Minnesota Car Accidents FAQ

While we all know that car accidents happen, the realities that we face when they happen in our own families can be jarring. Suddenly, there seem to be more questions than answers. As experienced personal injury attorneys, we at Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., often receive questions from people who seek out our counsel after they have been injured in automobile crashes. We welcome these and all questions related to our clients’ car accidents. Contact us to discuss anything you are wondering about car accidents, such as those listed here.

Does it matter whether a car accident was my fault?

First of all, even if you were supposedly at fault, your insurance should cover your injuries. An investigation can help determine the actual causes of an accident. We caution you against deciding for sure that it was your fault without consulting with an attorney. Certainly, do not make this claim out loud without discussing your case with an experienced lawyer.

Is my case big enough to pursue?

It is surprising how often cases that our clients consider to be small, actually turn out to be significant. A “minor” back injury, for example, can become disabling. Initial consultations at Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., are free. There is no harm and no risk in asking our opinion about this or other concerns.

How long will it take to recover compensation?

A large part of the answer to this question depends on how long it takes you to recover from your injuries. Until your improvement has stabilized and you are as well as you are going to be, it is not wise to consider your case closed.

Are my insurance rates going to go up because I was in an accident?

Unless you were at fault, the answer to this question is usually, “No.” Although Minnesota is a no-fault state, the impact on your insurance is likely to be affected by how the accident happened.

How much am I going to get?

The answer to this question is impossible to determine until the full extent of your injuries is known and you have either completed treatment or gotten to the point where your medical condition has stabilized. Some personal injury attorneys may give you a number to get you signed up, yet not be able to deliver on what was told to you. At Bennerotte & Associates, we will fight to get you just compensation, but we won’t overpromise your recovery amount just to get you signed up.

Whatever your questions are, it is helpful to consult with an attorney to put your mind at ease with correct information, customized to your individual circumstances. Make the phone call and get in touch with a lawyer before you assume anything. Do not sign any waivers before talking to an attorney first.

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Injured In An Auto Accident?

While we sincerely hope you find the auto accident questions and answers above informative, the best way to get advice about your specific situation is to take advantage of a free initial consultation. To learn more about a cost-free, no-obligation meeting with an experienced auto accident lawyer, contact us today. We serve clients in the Eagan, Apple Valley, Rosemount, and Inver Grove Heights areas.

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