Impaired Recreational Vehicle Operation
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Minnesota Impaired Recreational Vehicle Operation Lawyers

Recreation and alcohol often go hand in hand. A weekend at the lake often involves boating and drinking, and after a long day of snowmobiling people often unwind with a few drinks. Unfortunately, there are those who take things too far and end up operating recreational vehicles while impaired by alcohol. These impaired drivers are much more likely to cause accidents and harm those who are riding with them or operating other recreational vehicles.

The open nature of boats, four wheelers, snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles means that drivers and passengers are more exposed to injury than they are in cars or trucks. When accidents involving these vehicles occur, especially when an impaired or intoxicated operator causes the accident, severe injuries or death are almost guaranteed.

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Experienced Injury Advocates With Firsthand Knowledge Of Recreational Vehicles

The lawyers of Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., have the in-depth understanding of injury law and recreational vehicle cases that you need on your side if you have been injured by an impaired recreational vehicle operator. We focus on providing the best representation possible and give you the personal attention and customized legal advice you deserve.

We are native Midwesterners and have been around recreational vehicles all of our lives. Our familiarity with recreational vehicles allows us to conduct efficient investigations and build powerful cases aimed at obtaining maximum compensation for you.

Additional Factors In Impaired RV Accidents

We examine all factors that caused the accident and your injuries. We gather not only evidence related to the driver’s intoxication but also evidence of other causes of recreational vehicle accidents, including:

  • Reckless driving
  • Snow and ice
  • Slick/slippery roads
  • Low visibility
  • Strong cross-winds
  • Poorly marked trails and obstacles
  • Improperly maintained roads or trails
  • Uneven terrain
  • Difficulties associated with operating a vehicle on water

We use these factors to build a strong case for you, often by showing that the conditions were bad enough that it would be difficult to operate a recreational vehicle under normal circumstances, much less while intoxicated. Despite this, the operator made the reckless choice to operate the vehicle and caused life-changing injuries.

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