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Burn And Electric Shock Injury Attorneys In St. Paul

Burn injuries can be very severe and are the result of injury in many types of situations — car accidents, motorcycle accidents, plane accidents, electric shock, building fires, defective product products, explosions and medical procedures. The medical costs for the care and recovery from burn injuries are extensive. And the pain and suffering an individual experiences from such an injury is devastating. You need an attorney who understands the current and changing laws regarding burn injuries and who understands the lifelong scars (physical and emotional) a burn can leave.

Burn injuries happen for many reasons:

  • Construction site fires
  • Exposed electrical wires
  • Malfunctioning fire alarms
  • Locked fire exit doors
  • Chemical fires
  • Explosions
  • Water puddles by electrical outlets or appliances
  • Fires in buildings and vehicles

The attorneys of Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., investigate, consult with medical and other experts and assess the full financial impact of a burn injury. Where negligence on the part of an employer or third party contractor is evident, we uncover the safety violations that caused the fire or electrocution.

Third-degree burn victims undergo months of painful recovery and face the risk of infection. They often require skin grafts and reconstructive surgery, resulting in substantial medical costs, months away from work and potentially permanent disability.

Exposure To Electricity Can Result In Painful Burn Injuries

The most common injury related to electrical shock is a burn. Burns sustain from electric shock are different from chemical or thermal burns. They tend to have deeper surface penetration and other complications. Electrical burns often cause an indirect or secondary injury through involuntary movement resulting in broken bones and bruises. Sometimes the electrical shock causes collisions or falls that result in substantial injuries and delayed or immediate death.

Burn injuries of all types involve long-term physical and psychological effects, so it is crucial to consider medical costs, lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering — which can be considerable. Burn injuries are extremely painful, so burn victims ought to be compensated for the extensive suffering.

Do You Have A Burn Injury Case?

Do not delay if you or a loved one has suffered burn injuries due to someone else’s negligence that causes a fire, explosion or electrical shock. Contact Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., as soon as possible to find out what your rights are and what compensation is due to you. Call us at 651-364-6807 to set up a free, confidential consultation. You may also contact us with our online form.