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Helping You Deal With A Loss Due To A Truck Accident

A fatal commercial truck accident is one of the most difficult situations for you and your family to face, legally speaking. On the one hand, you’ve lost someone whom you care for, and that’s hard enough to deal with on its own. On the other hand, pursuing the compensation you deserve for that loss will be a fight you cannot imagine.

At Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., we have extensive experience providing thoughtful, caring representation to families dealing with devastating losses. We are caring attorneys who understand Minnesota law. We help people from Eagan, Apple Valley and other south metro communities hold trucking companies accountable for these losses.

Stakes Of Truck Accidents

Truck accident fatalities have unique stakes for you. The courts can look at your loss in one of two ways, economically and noneconomically. The economic damages you may recover include such things as medical bills, property damage and lost wages. However, when dealing with a loss of life, those are hard to calculate.

Even more difficult to calculate are the noneconomic damages that come with the loss of a loved one, which include:

  • Emotional distress: This includes the emotional and mental trauma of losing someone you love to negligence and or willful action. The stress you’ve experienced is unlike any other and may be part of the compensation conversation.
  • Loss of consortium: This is a special part of compensation for married couples in wrongful death cases. Consortium is the lifelong partnership that comes with marriage. The division of home labor, care and mutual affection. There is value to that.
  • Pain and suffering: Often, a fatal accident is preceded by extensive medical treatment. The suffering your loved one experienced might have been immense. The suffering you experience in the loss can be immense as well.

These are the basic monetary stakes in a fatal truck accident. This can add up to a significant amount of money. Because of that, you will face a fight from the trucking company that you may not expect.

We Offer Empathy And Strength

Attorney Thomas Bennerotte understands what it’s like to lose a loved one. He lost his sister to an accident, and that loss has been a driving factor in his work for those who have experienced a loss like this. He knows how much you need to have a caring hand and thoughtful attorney working for you.

Our team also understands the law in Minnesota that governs truck accident cases and wrongful death. We pursue your case aggressively, no matter what you’ve gone through. Our insight into the law can put you on the best path to receive the compensation you deserve.

The Statistics On Fatal Truck Crashes

As dramatic and life-altering truck accidents are for individuals, the statistics can shed a different kind of light on the issues at hand. From a national and Minnesota level, there are many issues to consider when it comes to the statistical prevalence of fatal truck accidents.

Some important data points that stick out are:

  • Nationally, from 2017-2019 there were 13,307 large truck fatalities.
  • The majority of fatal accidents involved two vehicles in addition to the large truck.
  • In 2020 alone, there were 58 deaths in Minnesota.
  • In 2020, Minnesota’s deadliest month was October.
  • Rural areas had the highest number of deaths by far in Minnesota.

These are facts compiled from the Minnesota Department of Statistics and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Moreover, the 2020 data is telling because, due to the pandemic, there were comparatively fewer drivers on the road.

The Rural-Urban Fatality Divide

Why are rural areas more likely to have fatal accidents than urban ones? As a general rule, most accidents happen in densely populated areas, but for whatever reason, rural accidents are more deadly. There are many possible reasons for this, such as:

  • Drivers are able to go faster on emptier roads.
  • Rural roads may not be as well maintained in inclement weather.
  • Visibility can be poor at night in rural areas.
  • Low hospital proximity can contribute to a loss of life.

No matter the circumstances of the accident, however, whether it was an urban or a rural area, whether it was day or night, whether there was inclement weather or not, you deserve an attorney who will fight for you.

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