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What Are Minnesota’s Most Dangerous Roads?

All Minnesotans know that the state’s wilderness can be dangerous, but man-made terrain can prove hazardous as well. Driving in Minnesota comes with many risks, especially on certain roadways.

At Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., our attorneys’ goal is to protect all Minnesotans, from their rights as injury survivors to their physical safety as drivers. On this page, you can find some information about the North Star State’s most dangerous roads, where they are and what makes them risky.

The Five Roads To Watch Out For

Before you plan your next route, here are the five most hazardous roads in the state:

  • Highway 10: A long-haul highway that runs east-west, highway 10 becomes particularly dangerous at night and during rainy or snowy conditions. Long-haul truckers and late-night drivers are at particular risk of accidents.
  • Highway 12: Filled with hidden intersections, constricted lanes and perilous exits, highway 12 has a high rate of head-on collisions despite its stature as one of Minnesota’s smallest highways.
  • Highway 14: This historic highway was so dangerous that the state invested $50 million into widening its lanes. Even so, its car accident rate is six times higher than the state average.
  • Interstate 94: The heavy volume of traffic across I-94 means it has an average of 229 accidents every year. Multicar collisions are especially common.
  • Highway 169: As one of the state’s most traveled north-south highways, 169 has a high risk of accidents. With populations in the town along the route increasing, the rate of traffic on 169 is higher and even more dangerous.

You now know to take extra precautions when traveling these routes. With that said, catastrophic crashes can happen anywhere. Defensive driving can prevent hazards, but no driver is ever completely free from the risk of a crash.

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