Minnesota Dog Bite FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bites

Getting bitten by a dog can be extremely frightening. It can come out of nowhere and leave you in immense pain with extensive, long-term medical complications. It can complicate your relationship with your pets.

At Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., we have decades of experience guiding clients through the difficulties of dog bites and other personal injury matters. We want to answer all your questions, but to get started, here are a few that we get the most frequently.

Why are dog bites so dangerous?

Dog bites are dangerous for three reasons:

  • Viciousness: When a dog attacks a person, it’s because they are afraid or threatened. However, unlike a person, a dog doesn’t have the intelligence to say “enough.” They will attack until the threat is neutralized. That can lead to extensive, vicious injuries.
  • Bacteria: A dog’s mouth is home to many very dangerous bacteria. No matter what a person feeds their dog, a bite can become seriously infected. These types of infections can lead to serious illnesses that must have aggressive treatment.
  • Mental trauma: Victims of vicious dog attacks are impacted long after the physical wounds heal. Dogs are everywhere. It can be extremely triggering for a survivor of a dog attack to even walk down the street.

Because of the trauma suffered by dog attack victims, it is vital for you to pursue compensation for the difficulties you face.

Why are owners responsible for dog bite attacks?

While “man’s best friend” is what we call dogs, the fact is all dogs are owned by a person. That person is responsible for their care and for ensuring that they are not a threat to the community at large. A dog known to be dangerous should be under strict and careful scrutiny when interacting with the public.

What is Minnesota law related to dog bites?

A dog owner has strict liability over the actions of their animal. No matter the circumstances, if a dog attacks you, the owner of that dog is going to have liability over the actions. They would be on the hook for your medical expenses if you came away with injuries after a dog attack.

What should I do after a dog bite?

The first thing you should do after a dog bite – and any other injury – is seek medical care. Your doctor will ensure that your injuries do not worsen beyond their initial state. After treatment, however, you will have some different options. You will file a claim with insurance. You will follow your treatment plan. But you should also consider speaking with a personal injury attorney who can guide you through the difficulties ahead.

What will happen to the dog?

It’s natural to have compassion for a dog who didn’t have control over its actions, even if those actions hurt you. Often, people give their dogs a lot of leeway, and that’s OK. If a dog has had a history of attacking other animals in certain areas of Minnesota, the owner may be forced to take certain actions. If there is a suspicion of rabies, there is a chance of euthanasia.

What can happen with a dog bite injury?

The most common type of complication from a dog bite injury is an infection. Specifically, however, infections from dog bites can have flesh-eating bacteria. These types of wounds are very dangerous and can be debilitating.

How much can a dog bite injury cost?

Depending on the severity of the injuries, you may have many thousands of dollars worth of medical care to deal with. Your recovery will take a long time. The bills will add up fast.

But you will not be on your own. Contact our firm to learn how we can assist you through these difficult times. Call 651-364-6807 or send us an email.