Construction Accidents
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Minnesota Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous work places. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) and the DOL (Department of Labor), thousands of construction workers are injured on the job every year, and hundreds die. The only two occupations that are more dangerous than construction are mining and agriculture. If you have been injured on the job site through no fault of your own, or if a wrongful death has occurred on the job site, it may be time to contact an experienced Minnesota construction accident attorney.

There are many ways a construction worker can be injured while on the job:

  • Falls – improper ladders, scaffolding, holes
  • Car or truck crashes – on the job site and in highway construction zones
  • Machine and equipment – accidents with cranes, forklifts, power tools and any defective tools or equipment
  • Stuck by falling object
  • Toxicity from chemical fumes used on the job site
  • Electrocution or electric shock

The injuries can be very serious and may cause you to lose much work time, or make it impossible to return to work. From burns and broken bones to severe brain and spinal cord injuries to loss of limb and wrongful death, you are entitled to full compensation for your losses. Workers’ compensation may cover some portion of your losses; however, often this simply does not fully cover your injuries, loss of work time and pain and suffering.

Who Should Be Held Responsible For My Construction Accident?

  • Manufacturers of equipment that you or your co-workers used
  • Engineers and architects
  • Construction companies
  • Subcontractors and other workers or supervisors
  • Insurance companies
  • Anyone else who has a legal obligation to ensure a safe work environment

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Have Years Of Experience

The most important and first thing to do is get the medical care you need. But then you must consider your rights and losses. Given the complexity of a construction site accident and the number of potentially liable parties involved, contact Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., as soon as possible. It is crucial to gather information immediately about what happened from as many witnesses as possible. Claims and reports must be properly submitted. You need to get well and deal with your loss; let us take care of the many details to get the full compensation coming to you.

Do You Have A Construction Accident Case?

Have you been unable to work due to injuries suffered in a construction site accident? To avoid decreasing compensation to which you may be entitled from responsible parties for related damages, it is important to act quickly. To set up a confidential, free consultation, please contact the experienced Minnesota construction accident attorneys of Bennerotte & Associates, P.A., using our online form. You may also call us at 651-364-6807.